Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why Is It So Hard?

I spend time in the Word almost every day.  I teach weekly and study the Scriptures in preparation.  I pray often (though not often enough).  But I'm still starved for time with God. 

Every other month we cancel a staff meeting & spend a half-day alone with God.  Our staff meetings are irregular during the summer, so I asked everyone to take a whole day off to spend with Him.  I've cancelled twice so far but the guilt of being a lousy leader finally got to me.  Mark is gone all day today (Saturday); what a perfect day to spend with the Lord.  Why do I suddenly want to clean out closets? Why does pulling weeds in 95 degrees appeal to me - for the first time ever?  Why is it so hard to make time for the One who loves me so much?

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