Friday, October 1, 2010

H + HCO3 -> H2CO3 -> H2O + CO2

That's the chemical equation that Susan Comeaux taught at last night's bible study.  You probably know it as the volcano science experiment: add vinegar and baking soda and . . . blurp - a homemade volcano!  What really happens is that the hydrogen and the bicarbonate soda transform into carbonic acid which then transforms into water and carbon dioxide (the bubbles that go blurp).  We don't see the intermediate step of the carbonic acid but it's an integral part of the reaction.
The chemistry lesson in all of this? God's Word + Prayer -> Knowing God's Will -> Doing God's Will.  Sometimes we don't see the intermediate step but it happens anyway.  And the energy produced by our transformation is just what God desires in our lives.

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