Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Prayer for the Day

Lord of Hosts, I revel in the truths of Your majesty, power, glory and dominion over all things in heaven and on earth. In spite of so many appearances to the contrary, nothing can happen that comes as a surprise to You or escapes Your control. You order the events of history in ways we do not understand, and in spite of the vastness of human evil, Your plan will be accomplished. I pray for the insight of a growing biblical perspective on the events in my life and in the world. May I move with confidence in Your sovereignty, even when things seem to make no sense to me. I thank You for Your patience and comfort, especially in times when I try to run from You or feel sorry for myself. I want to renew my mind with Your unchanging truth in a changing world, so that my assurance is in Your often-mysterious ways in the affairs of the sons and daughters of men. Thanks to Ken Boa: Plans Will Be Accomplished: A Prayer

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