Friday, June 4, 2010

This is how it's supposed to be

Yesterday I witnessed a holy moment.  It looked like a bunch of women sitting around crying but it was really a Holy Moment, the kind of moment with a capital H and a capital M. A young couple from our church moved away several years ago. This week we found out their baby is in PICU in critical condition.  Their friends decided they needed to pray for them so a group of busy moms got babysitters and gathered in our auditorium to pray.  Some moments our auditorium becomes a sanctuary and this was one of them.  They prayed for Kara, Scott and Baby Henry, they wept, they raised their hands to God in prayer.  Perhaps Kara was too tired or too fearful to pray but her friends prayed on her behalf, much like Aaron & Hur held up Moses’ hands when he grew too tired (Exodus 17).  It was a moment like so many I’ve seen at TBC, a living picture of the family of God. This morning we hear that Baby Henry is a little better, the first good news they’ve had. We’re grateful for God’s mercy and for each other.

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